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In Berkeley, CA

In the soon-ending search for a school to continue my studies at, I ended up out in Berkeley, CA. Greets everyone, it’s incredibly nice weather here. 75 degrees? Yowza. Granted it’s no snowy paradise, but I’ll give the sunny atmosphere some midwestern cred regardless.

Here’s a pic of the Berkeley Marina by my hotel in good ol’ camera phone photographic quality–

After the Graduate Program intro this morning, I went out to the Golden Gate Park in San Francisco to check out a few sites. Basically: gigantic park, lots of stuff to see, wish I had more time. I picked up a gyro right outside the park, and that was that. Great afternoon indeed.

Bacon Hot Dog

In an effort to pair bacon with every known food to man, I concocted a bacon beef hot dog combo that is set to correlate itself with higher rates of heart attacks as well as increased happiness by those that indulge in the bacony-beefy-tastiness.

Ingredients are as follows

  • Oscar Mayer (or similar) All Beef Hot Dog
  • Bun (white or wheat)
  • Bacon strips (2 per dog)
  • Spicy Honey Mustard
  • Large, uncloggable arteries

Notice the lack of ketchup–in full Chicago dog style, this hottie has no ketchup. The sodium rich red-saucy sauce has been replaced by sodium-saturated bacon. The trade off is worth it.


  • After a hearty breakfast including a waffle, bacon and eggs, save a few slices of bacon for the future–place them in the fridge–nothing beats a good snack of leftover bacon even if you don’t make bacon hot dogs.
  • Cook up your dogs–preferably on the grill. Boiling or microwave will suffice as well
  • Scorch that bun if you’re grilling out, nothin’ beats a nicely toasted bun. Don’t forget to coat the inside (and outside if you’re so inclined) with butter. No margarine ladies. Margarine is bad for you anyways. Takes less than 1min on a hot grill
  • Take your bacon slices out of the fridge and zap em in the microwave until the sizzle like when they were first panned up
  • Place one slice of bacon on each side of the dog
  • Lay down the line–a line of mustard, that is.
  • Enjoy!

A picture for your eyes only–notice the carrots–those are a good side for those that are trying to stay healthy.

July 4th and the preceding days

Recently posted some camping pictures in the gallery involving the Rochester crowd. Check them out–

Camping 2006

Check it. Yes, those are Bigg3ie’s legs.
In addition I will be posting some sweet stuff in the coming week. New pictures from the previous semester and books I have finished/will be finishing are first up. You (yes you) might be in one of them. Ridiculous.
Other bloggable things to look forward to–

  • UW Madison study places
  • Premiere State Street and surrounding area restaurants
  • Pictures of food that I enjoy eating

Until then, go outside.

Bacon Waffle Booyah

I made a couple bacon waffles on Monday, as a test run. To recall, the bacon waffle is a waffle with baked-in-bacon-pieces, and sprinkled bacon pieces on top.

Bacon Waffles, 'Nuff Said

Not bad, I must say. However, I do prefer the onslaught of sugar inherent within a solid (as in tight) chocolate-chip (as in dark or milk) waffle with bacon as a side. Ain’t nothin’ better.

Next on the list of breakfast items to explore will be Oscar Mayer’s Center-Cut Bacon. Will it decrown Hormel Black label, my bacon of choice? Is the “cut” in weight of Center-Cut’s 12oz package vs. the traditional 16oz worth it?
Stay tuned.

Food Digression (for your digestion): A brief overview of select indulgences

Foods that I have found out that taste good, either through others, or directly by ingestion myself–

  • Banana-powdered-sugar french toast (through Larry B’s on State Street)
  • Baked-in-Bacon Waffles, with a side of bacon (yet to try this, they serve it at a place down University. Kudos (no pun intended) to Ryan, a guy I work with for pointing out this seemingly unbeatable combination.)
  • Stuffed pitas. Anything goes. Spinach and pepper jack cheese are a good combo.

Bacon Waffles is next up on the list. Indulge with me!

The Sun Kerl Bul-gogi Recipe

Check it–korean barbequed beef marinade recipe for your convenience and enjoyment, straight from the mouth of Sun Kerl, aka, mum.

Bul-gogi Marinade

2 lbs round roast (Beef), sliced very thin, have the meat guy do this for you. Better beef works as well.
5 cloves of garlic (big cloves)
1/2 large sweet onion, or 1 small sweet onion
1/2 cup Coca-Cola
1/2 cup soy sauce
1/2 cup brown sugar
1 teaspoon pepper
1 Tablespoon sesame oil [optional]
Dash of salt to taste

Directions: Chop up onion and garlic or use a food processor. Mix in all other ingredients and stir well. Place meat in marinade, and place in fridge overnight, or for several hours (all day). Usable containers include a big ziplock bag or a large bowl covered with plastic wrap.

Grill meat for a short period, it does not take long to grill the thinly sliced beef. Serve and enjoy.

This stuff completely and utterly rules. Eat up!