What this blog is, has been, and will be.

I’ve had this blog a number of years. Numerous people have visited over the years, through high school, college and into graduate school. Teachers, friends, family, co-workers, random people looking for bacon waffles and bul-gogi recipes, and thousands of web crawlers and spam-bots have all scoured the pages of here and hopefully have found what they were looking for.

There’s never been a clear vision. The name was a mash-up of my initials of course and the post-fix that was popular at the time, -tech.  I really just wanted a cool place to mess around on the internet and call it my own. It followed an awesome site with a similar lack in vision, The Orange Couch (see pyktech history for further details).

Since 2002, a lot has happened. WTF has not lost popularity. I post infrequently, in spurts and not at all depending on the year. w00t has gained popularity. Facebook has taken over the social organization elements,  of the web (amongst others).  Friends are getting married, and my bro’s married. I’ve gained 30 lbs and probably grown ~2 inches (in height…). My dog Duke has grayed and become a four-legged-senior. Friends are graduating from college. My parents moved out of the house that I grew up in. I’ve met a lot of people, and have glimpsed the “real world” that awaits people post-high school and post-college.

Welp, thanks for the visits. Like I said years ago, I’ll keep this site up as long as I can pay the $40/year it costs to host this and all the other domains I own. My goal for this summer is to create some engaging content. Web applications have been driven into the ground as of late, with at least 3 versions of any web app you can think of, so I’m not planning on developing anything anytime soon.

In the meantime… keep reading. I’ll keep posting (at the very least, several times per year). Also, I’ll cut the cheese(iness) from here on out. Pun intended.


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