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Unbeatable Food Combinations (aka, UFC)

burger and shake

Cheeseburgers and shakes. Vanilla preferred. Chocolate also works. Strawberry is not my fave. Oreo shakes are too sugary. Other flavors are too complicated. Bacon burgers are great. Spicy-honey-mustard bacon burgers from Dotty’s Dumpling Dowry in Madison, WI are particularly great. Note that Fuddrucker’s Shakes are particularly bad.

Waffles and bacon. Real 100% Maple Syrup preferred due to its killer sugar density. Scrambled eggs can be substituted bacon (or complement…). Sausage is also a substitute good, but not a complementary good. Unfortunately I eat sausage too fast, hence my marginal preference for bacon. I have not found a good generic brand of bacon–Hormel is quite consistent. “Belgian” style waffles are preferred due to excellent deep-pit-maximal syrup absorption. Pancakes just don’t do it for me unless the cake exterior is cooked as a syrup-sponge vs. a syrup-repellent.

I’ll continue Unbeatable Food Combinations as the summer progresses.