Bands to see in Atlanta during October/November

Concerts to see in Atlanta during October and November and my judgmental opinion (regards to Jambase)-

  • Oct 27, Stars @ Variety Playhouse. For those interested… too candy-cane poppy for me.
  • Oct 12, Caribou @ The Earl. Not really my style, but a decent show. I give up on most slow/mellow bands being any fun to see in concert–save a few like Sigur Ros, who I have yet to see.
  • Oct 12-14, The Echo Project… too many bands to list. Expensive. But the Flaming Lips! Do you have unlimited cash? Go check it out. I’ll save my moola for Bonnaroo.
  • Oct 14, Rodrigo Y Gabriela @ Rivertown Music and Arts Festival. Definite possibility.
  • Oct 30/31, Smashing Pumpkins & Explosions in the Sky @ Fox Theatre. What?! Smashing Pumpkins are back? Who cares, Explosions in the Sky would be good. Shout outs to the gerg here.
  • Nov 6, Mum & Tom Brosseau @ Coca-Cola Roxy Theatre. Concert worthy? Meh, Tom Brosseau is boring. Mum is sweet, however.
  • Nov 18, The Hold Steady, Art Brut & 1990s @ Variety Playhouse. High potential for a great show here.
  • Nov 21, Prefuse 73 @ Drunken Unicorn. This show will be great. Unfortunately Prefuse is more mix-worthy than concert-worthy, and I’ve seen them before. Otherwise would be a surefire “will see.”
  • Nov 24, George Clinton & Pfunk @ Atlanta Civic Center. Funk rocks. If it’s cheap I’d go since I have yet to see the “The King of Interplanetary Funksmanship” as wikipedia proclaims.

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