Quick and easy lactose free dark chocolate hot cocoa

Just finished off a can of this great (albeit expensive) hot cocoa and decided to reverse engineer the recipe…

Turns out it’s just two ingredients: cocoa and powdered sugar (great for the lactose intolerants). Can’t really mess that up. And yeah alright, most of the world has hopefully realized that hot cocoa is pretty damn simple, but if not…

Dark Hot Cocoa recipe for the, ahem, majority of us lactose intolerant folk.

  • 30% (by weight) cocoa (Hershey’s cocoa or generic works fine) (Example: 90 grams)
  • 70% (by weight) powdered sugar (Example: 210 grams)
  • Mix thoroughly in a ziplock bag (Example yields 300 grams for those that cannot add two numbers).
  • Change proportions to adjust dark chocolate-ness.
  • Yeah, these ingredients cost next to nothing.

STEPS TO GLORY: Warm up an 8oz-12oz glass (13oz is just too much, c’mon) of milk (soy milk, almond milk, “regular” milk… others are untested). Warming can be done via microwave or via the stove if that’s your style. Mix in 4 Tbsps of the above mixture. Cocoa should sort of melt into the milk. Toughest recipe you’ve seen this year, I know.

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